Google Not Indexing Pages any more

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I noticed that google stopped indexing my site. The last time google indexed my new articles was 10 days back. I regenerated my sitemap but still the same.
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Try to get more back links.. Participate in deep linking so that google will index your inner pages..
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Request Google for reconsideration, it's works, at least it got worked with me
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Just my two cents...
Google was indexing my site pretty well until I submitted a sitemap. Then, not only did my indexing stop - also my traffic died off almost completely - all my rankings tanked. No idea why.

My opinion is that Google can find your pages just fine without a sitemap as long as you have a logical structure to your site. I would build links to your top and sub level categories using social bookmarking etc. Also, on page links (in modules etc) to your lower level categories will help alot.
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I think it takes around 2 weeks for the new content to reflect in the search results if your site does not have a high PR. Atleast that is the case with me.