What is Google Dance?

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I have a query about google search engine?


- what is Google Dance ?

- How we can use it in SEO?

- Importance in SEO?

- Drawback if any ?

Waiting for reply.
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The changes in Google is termed as Google Dance by many SEO expert.
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Thanx a lot sir

But not complete reply.

I need explain plz if u can
- use
- benefits
- seo importance in it,

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Do you think the there is any answer to them after knowing the definition.
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The name "Google Dance" has often been used to describe the index update of the Google search engine. Google's index update occurred on average once per month. During an index update there was significant movement in search results and Google showed new backward links for pages. However, in mid-2003 Google started to update it's index continuously. It appears that, still, there has to be an update of the complete index once in a while and during this time new backward links are shown. But, because of the continuous update, the effects on search results seem to be rather insignificant.
We will keep this site up running because it provides some information beyond the Google Dance. But there will no longer be a monitoring of updated data centers during a "Dance".
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Google Dance refers to basicaly movement in search results.
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Probably Google dancing means, a keyword position cant stable in search engine results and for the SERP, Your blog and forum comments content will be in relevant and more informative for the readers and get most back links from reputed and high PR domains for search engine crawling for keyword positioning and get it from social networking site for the traffic.
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Change the web site position on google that is called google dance.
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But I think Google dance is much famous word in the seo. It it not only the matters of ranking. Google changes their strategies more often to display best result to the users and to remove the spams.It really shocks us in the morning many times. If you have done white hat seo and done nothing wrong or spam then it will not hurt you.