Can Gmail be hacked if I have my account opened for too long?

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I work with my Gmail account opened all day since I am using the Google Docs and chatting at the same time, so must of the day my gmail account remains open. I know that hotmail can be hacked if you leave the logging session opened for too long because I have a friend of mine who hacked my account so she could approve some Hi5 comments for me.And she did it because I forgot to log out from my session in Hotmail. So I was wondering if with gmail would be the same case or if it's different.

Thanks in advanced guys.
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unless they have access to your computer while you are logged in, i would not worry about it.
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Thanks man. What about that GX Cookie deal? Is that some kinda myth?
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It mostly depends on your lan. The biggest reason to not keep your account logged in is because that gives others on your network a larger window of opportunity to sniff/intercept your traffic and pick up your info. If you're confident in your network (and the people on it), then you shouldn't worry about leaving gmail logged in. I actually leave my account logged in all day, even when I'm not home; but since my computer is locked, my network is secure, and I trust the people that have access to it, I am not at all worried about long sessions like this leading to an exploit.