Getting Ranking for Keywords in Google Search Engine

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As we know that Google had updated its algorithm few months back, earlier we had article submission as the best tool to get top rankings before the algorithm was updated, but the scenario had changed now. So, in this regard, want to know best offsite and onsite techniques to drive traffic as well as to gain top rankings for targeted keywords based on the latest algorithm.

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The answers to this will be purely a matter of opinion based on personal experience. For example, I have done very little article submission and for me it was never the best tool.

Can we please not have the usual lists of the same items repeated over and over in response to this thread.
It would be better to perhaps suggest just one or two things and explain why you think they are more relevant now than before, rather than just a list of headings.
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Whenever Google make any updates/changes in its algorithms, many analysis and views arises. I think, a process alone is not able to contribute in the SERP ranking of keywords. Along with, all SEO techniques if one must be aware of the quality of the content of the website and also which is used to promote (for submissions) the website and the traffic to the website, then it is very easy to get desired results.
I feel, using SEO techniques is effortless if you don't know where and how much to use and this expertise will come only after analysis and experience.

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