Getting last element from vector

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i had just started working in C++ and started modifying a code which make use of vectors.
please help me out with this.

link_Node *pNode,*tempsegnode;; // here link_node is a class
vector<link_Node*> *pList;

pNode = (*pList)[i];

i want to find that a pNode is last in pList and if so i have to take some corrective measure.
i tried using end() API but not able to make it working

in other words i need to know what is last element in vector list pList and compare with pNode and if they r same i need to do some processing.

can someone help how to find last element from pList and then compare pNode and last element.
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you need back(), not end(). end() returns an iterator that points to the next "free" slot.

(found by plugging "c++ vector" into Google, so not a complex query. TFM is always worth an R.)