Game programming language (not engine one) question

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Hi everyone,
i was peacefully learning c++ when my friend asked me what i'm doing. Then he tried to convince me to learn other languages, for example Java or C# after i told him, that i have no intention making engines.
So, my question is: What languages are used to create games mostly? I mean big games, not mario or tetris. And i mean PC games, not console ones, not Unix, but Windows based games, because i'm confused what to learn - finish C++ book and go for another language, continue learning C++ or drop C++ and go for another language now. I have no intention writing engines like ogre or something like that.
Thanks for advices and answers.
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Know what you can do.
C and C++ are used mostly and is also the best, but it is advisable to finish what you've started and then expand your knowlege to more languages.
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Well it depends on what game type you are going to make... Games such as Runescape are designed with Java, but most games like he said are C and C++. The best way to do it and the way that I have done it is learn as much you can about all languages therefore if there are questions in other parts of the game you can problem solve so you are not dependent on other programmers.
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ummm edgdro2 how would you put the game together? im confused in that one haha.