Problem with a function that returns a pointer

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Working on a programming assignment and am stuck on one function.
BOOK_STRUCT* get_book_by_title (BOOK_STRUCT library[], char* title, int lib_size)
 BOOK_STRUCT * Result;
 for (int x=0;x<=lib_size;x++){
     if (title == library[x].title)
     if (x==lib_size)
      Result = NULL;
     //Result = (*library[x]);
   //Result = NULL;
     return Result;   
This function receives a string from the user (title) and is supposed to go through a predefined array (the library) and compare it against the title member. If it finds it, it returns a pointer to that object, if not, it returns a null pointer.

This actually compiles but unfortunately does not work in the overall program.

I'm thinking my problem is with the if (title == library[x].title) line but since I am new to c++ I will defer to you guys.

Any assistance you might offer would be appreciated.


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Figured it out. Thanx