function calling

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I just want to be able to successfully call the validate Month function inside the getMonth function.. it works when i call getUserInput() but i get type cast errors if i try it with this function. Any idea as to how i can write it up? thnxs

unsigned getMonth()
   /*** declare variables*/
  unsigned  i;
  int  valid = 0;
  char *prompt = "Please enter a month between 0 - 12\n";
  char *month;
  month = getUserInput(prompt);
  /* in here i want to call the validateMonth() fucntion*/

  /*printf("hello %s",month);*/
  /*printf("Please enter a month between 0 - 12\n");*/
   return EXIT_SUCCESS;

unsigned validateMonth(unsigned month)
     unsigned m;
     while(month<0 || month>12)
        printf("Month error 0 or less or equal to 12 please\n");

     return m;
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Duplicate thread of function calling. Closing the thread..