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Problem With FTP Client

Discussion in 'Operating System' started by noman_quraishi, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. noman_quraishi

    noman_quraishi New Member

    Hi . I am getting problem with my ftp client software .. I am using coreftp2.0.0 version .. & when i try to log in my account at ftp.cfe-clan.com it gives me error that

    user name & p.w is found in database but cant find associated data being resolved for .

    At 1st thinking there might b prob with my softwar .. So i try to get in my account with cuteftp but it was also giving differnt kind error .. Then i re-installed windows , deleted partions , changed Hard Disk even but cant log in my ftp .. I thought there must b prob from my host side .. Later on i send the same coreftp setup to my friend & installed & use in his pc .. it`z working fine & i was able to log in my ftp account ...

    I asked my friend .. He suggested that may be my ftp port is blocked .. but he is not sure . I tried to connect at different port then 21 but same error ... Now what to do ? i need to upload , edit files ?

    Q.2 Am behind a NAT .. & dont know my router can i access my abyss website on internet
  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Apparently it looks there could be 2 reasons for such an issue.

    1. Your ISP does not allow to connect to the FTP and you do not have the option of connecting to your FTP server using any other port.
    2. Your PC does not allow you to connect using the FTP port

    Other probability could be your host has black listed your ISP or something of that sort but I think that should be unlikely
  3. noman_quraishi

    noman_quraishi New Member

    I think my isp allowed us to connect ftp server .. Coz preiously i connected many times .. & i logged in my ftp account at my friend`s PC .. He is also of my LAN .. we have same ISP ..

    2ndly my host didnt black list it .. COz i asked him .. & i was able to connect to ftp by the same ISP but at my friend home ..

    So the only thing remaining is my pc doest allowing to connect ftp port .. HOw ever i have configured windows firewall , its exception & all type of advanced setup but no result ?

    Is there any way to check whether really my isp blocked me from accessing ftp ?

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