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Freelance job Project for Programming

Discussion in 'Jobs And Career Discussion' started by b2mb2ng, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. b2mb2ng

    b2mb2ng New Member

    Become a freelance programmer, web designer, copywriter or translator and let us help you find customers from all over the world! It's free to sign up. Join us and start making money Today

    Step by step to get project :

    1. Sign - up : <<Affiliate link Removed>>

    2. After registering you will get email to activate the account and afterwards you must fill up the appearance. You must make the interesting appearance so that client was interested and believed you to do his project

    3. To receive your project.After login could look for the project in menu "browse project" and you could choose any project that could be done by you and to follow project that was offered, click "bids on this project"

    4. To know any project that was won by you, you could see him in the menu "provider activity" in your account

    Tips won Bid in GAF was the Combination of Communication and Strategy

    1. Bid totalling of projects that could be done by you

    2. After bid, sent the message personally to Buyer, used the language that was good like make "dear was" and ended with "regards".

    3. Know the character the Buyer from the sentence offer bidding project him.

    There were several provisions that must be carried out that we win project:

    FP: Freelance Provider
    FB: Freelance Buyer

    FP: honest, every one of your capacities, should be not exaggerated
    FB: gave information honestly, and complete, what yg must be sent to FP, although he found it easy to estimate the budget and timeline

    Right on time:
    FP: Before deal project, delivered how long you could resolve this project, and was finished Right on time
    FB: If want to project you were finished according to schedule, then support the FP need

    Complete Deliverable:
    FP: After project was finished, offered after sales service, free. after being interested furthermore you could ask payment
    FB: in accordance with the joint agreement, don't postpone payment project that has been finished
    <<Affiliate link removed>>
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  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    All affiliate link removed.

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