best free php hosting?

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hey guys.

I have been having much trouble finding a free php host that allows redirect.
even the ones with ads do not allow this. I had found one months ago but it is no longer available.

some hosts allow certain redirects but not others (i.e. redirect works to but not, and most hosts i have found do not allow redirect at all.

does anyone know a free host that allows the usage of this?

PHP Code:
header'' ) ; 

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These days hosts are so cheap that it hardly matters if they ask for few cents.
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I agree and I have a paid hosting account.

however for certain projects I want anonymity and that just does not come with a paid hosting account. on a free host i can access the control panel via proxy and no credit card info can be traced back to me. on a paid hosting account my credit card information can be used to identify me.

so thats why I am looking for a free php host. it does not even have to be a good one.
just a free one that allows me to use redirection.