Need Free list of Press Release Sites

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Dear sir !

Greeting From SB Global Infosoft !

I am new in seo Fileld. I am working as seo fresher in this company . Copany is asking me to collect big list of Press

Release Sites where we can distribute our company news .So please help me .

Thanks in advance !

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[2:27:14 PM] Shehryar Niazi: this might be a really late reply but just felt like helping :P. this is the list of websites that i use. works great for me! for example myprgenie alone sends my press release to over 100 blogs and various news websites too.
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check this url you will find....near about 148 press release site with it's page rank.
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Press release sites help you to get organic traffic and spread the link to different sites. You can find the database and list of the sites providing free submission. Search them on the web, providing a list, here is not possible for me.
Even if you are not able to find send m e a PM, I will provide you that.
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Some of the other good press release sites list.


They are good for their approval process so have quality content live only. Putting your PR live means your PR is good for any other site.
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Take your time and Google as free press release sites you will get plenty of those.
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I think that submitting your press release to top 25-30 websites is enough and you can also avoid the threat of content duplication.