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How to frame a Query for this scenario ?

Discussion in 'Oracle' started by aggiridharan, May 11, 2007.

  1. aggiridharan

    aggiridharan New Member

    I have two tables T1 and T2. T1 contains transaction details with say date, oper_id, super_id, tran_no where oper_id and super_id are user id types used for posting/authorising the transactions.
    T2 contains user_id and user_name. There could some users with more than one user_id as well ( ie the names are same with ids different)

    Now, i want to find out all the transactions from T1 where oper_id and super_id correspond to same person (ie they have same user name in T2) . The assumption is all the users have distinct names.
  2. Parimal

    Parimal New Member

    this could solve your problem

    select t1.* from t1,t2 as x, t2 as y
    where t1.op_id=x.uid
    and t1.sp_id=y.uid
    and x.uname=y.uname

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