Forum post hacking!

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I have been wronged by some forum mods when i have released a thread and got some really disturbing answers.

I have pleaded my case to a mod and he said he will not take the post down.

I do not want to delete their stuff only take mine OUT!

I think its ethical to seek this kind of retribution.

I cannot name the forum since it is what i want to distance myself from.

i just want to know can a newbie learn to do this kind of thing or is higher knowledge o programming needed?

Than you
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what you ask now in other words == "how to hack the next forum?"
well i would say if you are new to this, you wont be able to do this soon [of course if your dedicated engouh you can ]

any, as an answer to the post [im not an expert of hacking or anything, but i can tell this] there are several ways and means, and everything depends on the site/the forum software/and even the admins
form SQL injection to social engineering, anything can be applied to gain access
so this is a wide subject
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thank you for an hones reply