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Hey everybody,

I have heard there are some online marketers that use forums

as a sole method of getting traffic to their website. I would like to know, ARE

YOU ONE OF THEM? I would like to know because knowledge of others'

personal experiences will benefit all of us here. It would benefit us all. If you

are, then please share

your experiences!
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Yes I did when I started. I am still active on many large related forums and that brings in lot of targeted traffic to many of my forums and blogs.

Just to let you know you already have quite a few threads asking similar questions and avoid doing forum spamming and concentrate on Forum Marketing. Forum spamming is a classic way to get banned.
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As the user above me said used this at the beginning.
But after a while and your business starts to grow there are other good ways to market your product.
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Yes, I am also doing Forum Marketing but in particular Market Place area which are provided by admin to do marketing of our products.