Form submission and MySQL retrieval

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Hi all,

I'm running on a limited knowledge of PHP, but I've been able to use intuition to get by up till now... I've got a problem, and I can't figure out the solution.

I managed to create a dynamic dropdown menu that populates itself with names from a MySQL table, with the option values being the IDs on the table. Using $_POST, the form sends the option value to another PHP page to execute the action.

I've confirmed that the action page IS receiving the proper ID number.

What I want to do is use PHP and the ID to retrieve the rest of the information relevant to that ID from the table and display it. (i.e., if I selected name#2, who's option value is 2, I want the action page to retrieve and display the rest of that entry (like phone number, email, etc.)

I have a feeling it's probably a fairly simple solution, I've just run out of ideas.

Help? Please and thank you
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whats the code?
if u can post the mysql and php, i can probably help you
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yah displaying the code would help and meanwhile i think you tried using 'select from' and having some errors?
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in your action page perform a select query base on the provided id.
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can send me a code of forums in PHP...??? meet again.

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:S code of forums?
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You need to do

PHP Code:
is_numeric($id)) // check that its a real number
$q "SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE id=$id"//since its a number no need to add '".."'
if(mysql_num_rows($q) < 1// check if theres any results returned
//trigger no results error
echo " sorry but that id does not exist";
$get_all_info mysql_fetch_assoc($q))
$ID $get_all_info[id];
$INFO $get_all_info[info];


the $get_all_info is returned as an associative array with the columns of the table as the array index.
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