Form events

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Hi all,
I have a question about handling form events in CGI -perl.
I have a main form which has a action event(ACTION1) which is triggered when a
submit button(SUBMIT) is pressed. But then I have an additional button in the
main form(ADD)which on click should open a new form(ACTION2) to which i need to
pass values from the main form. Since a form can have only one action event, I defined a seperate form and stored the definition of ADD button in a perl variable which i referenced it the main form. But I find the ADD button still triggers the main form's action event eventhough it is defnition exists in a different form with action attribute ACTION2. I guess it is because it is in the scope of main form. It would be great if anyone can help me on how should i proceed?
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You can use JavaScript to the change the action of the form at the onClick event of a button.

Code: JavaScript
document.forms[0].action = 'somepage.asp';
 document.forms[0].action = 'anotherpage.php';