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I returning information from a database that check the database for item that are below a certain level (it's a stock inventory), and then returns the result of that. The function itself works fine, however the text is unformatted and i wish to be able to format the text. As a bit of a newbie when it comes to ASP (my friend did the code for me) I was wondering if anyone could help. The code is as follows:

Dim sQuery
sQuery = "select ItemName from item where CurrentQty < ParLevel"
oRS.Open sQuery, oConnection

do while not oRS.EOF
Response.Write("<div align=""center"">" & oRS("ItemName") & " is below par level</font><div>")  

Set oRS = Nothing
Thanks in advance.

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You didn't open the font tag, it should look something like this...

Code: ASP
do while not oRS.EOF
Response.Write("<div align=""center""><font color=""red"">" & oRS("ItemName") & " is below par level</font><div>")