I got to a school with a firewall to prevent inappropriate usage on the computers here. Unfortunately, a lot of sites that do harmless things, such as a youtube video of Ave Maria or Sears.com can be blocked for whatever reason. There have been a couple of passwords that have been known since I've been here. When I first came here, the password was "broadway", a very simple password. It lasted for about a year when they decided to change the password for whatever reason. Then within a few weeks the new password, "L12158G" was cracked. It was the same username with a different, harder to crack password. Now we have a new password with the presumably the same username. I was wondering what I can do, if anything to crack it. When I go to a blocked site, this screen comes up:


You click on the link and a popup window with a username and password entry space pops up. I've downloaded Cain and Abel but I have NO idea how to use it. I read online about MD5 hashes but I have NO idea how to get the MD5 or whatever. Can anyone explain how I would be able to do this? I can't go onto simple sites like Gamespot or CNN at times because of the "content". I'd be grateful for any help. Thanks :-)
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