Finding mode and median values

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I apologise if im posting this in the wrong area.
I'm using Visual Studio and trying to write a small program that takes an array, sorts it in ascending order and then calculates average, mode and median of those values.
So far i have sorted it using selective sort, calculated the average but am struggling with the mode and median.
This is what i have for my median function so far. I beleive the theory should work behind it.

double getMedian(int num[], int length )
	double value;
	int position = 0;
	value = 0;
	if (length % 2 != 0)
		position = (length / 2);
		value = num[position];
		position = (length / 2);
		value = (num[position]+num[position-1])/2;
	return value;

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So what is it DOING that you don't like? Are we to guess? Someone might; I will not. Also, learn how to put code tags around your own code. Poor Shabbir must be wearing his mouse out.
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Originally Posted by DaWei
Poor Shabbir must be wearing his mouse out.
Till everyone on this planet does not know how to put code inside the code tag.

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