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Finding incoming mail server by email address

Discussion in 'Programming' started by f00, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. f00

    f00 New Member


    I am a newbie :p I want a program to find the incoming mail server by entering an email address.

    for example:

    input: username@gmail.com
    result: pop.gmail.com

    please help! thanks
  2. thillai_selvan

    thillai_selvan New Member

    From the mail header itself we can see the incoming mail server
  3. thillai_selvan

    thillai_selvan New Member

    Using the Perl's Mail::Module you can get and set the email header informations.
    For further informations please visit the perl's CPAN search about Mail::Header
  4. f00

    f00 New Member

    thanks, can give me an example?
  5. thillai_selvan

    thillai_selvan New Member

    Here the sample code for extracting the header part from the mail.
    use strict;
    use warnings;
    use Data::Dumper;
    use Mail::Header;
    my $messagefile = "mail"; #here the mail is a file which contains s data as this is for testing
    open(MESSAGE,"$messagefile") or
    die "Unable to open $messagefile:$!\n";
    my $header = new Mail::Header \*MESSAGE;
    print Dumper \$header;
    The output will be as follows
    $VAR1 = \bless( {
                       'mail_hdr_foldlen' => 79,
                       'mail_hdr_modify' => 0,
                       'mail_hdr_list' => [],
                       'mail_hdr_hash' => {},
                       'mail_hdr_mail_from' => 'KEEP',
                       'mail_hdr_lengths' => {}
                     }, 'Mail::Header' );

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