Fibonacci number and recursive function

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i was looking for questions on while loops when i came across a problem that said write a program that displays fibonacci numbers
and the code that i wrote works just fine

int x1=1;
int x2=1;
int x3;
int x;
cout<<"please enter the number "<<endl;
while (x2<x)

but the second part of the question says write another program but this time using recursive funtion
can any body please explain that to me and also how can i change my program to become a recursive function
i can write this as a seprate funtion
but how to find the terminating if function and how to approach this problem using recursive I have an exam coming up please help as soon as possible
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i am using visual .net 2003 compiler and windows xp professsional
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I would suggest instead of getting into a solution to particular problem you should understand how recursion is done and I would suggest you read
Recursion - Begining
Types of Recursion - Advanced