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Few problems faced and help needed

Discussion in 'C#' started by nerdy_gal, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. nerdy_gal

    nerdy_gal New Member

    hi all... i am currently doing a school assignment and is facing a few problems. the software i am using for this assignment is visual C# express...
    1) i am having two different forms. and i would like to have the text in the textbox of form 1 to be in form 2 when i close form 1. is there any ways to do it?
    2) i am supposed to print details of an object in the arraylist. the object has a few members data in it... i tried using the codes below... but instead of getting what i want, it keeps giving me the eventid... anyone knows why??
     public CalendarEvent GetEvents(string eventid)
                CalendarEvent ce = new CalendarEvent();
                CalendarEvent a = new CalendarEvent();
                int t = Convert.ToInt32(eventid);
                for (int i = 0; i < EventArrayList.Count; i++)
                    ce = (CalendarEvent)EventArrayList[i];
                    if (t <= EventArrayList.Count)
                        MessageBox.Show("Please enter a valid event Id");
                    if (ce.eventid == t)
                        a.eventid = ce.eventid;
                        a.duration = ce.duration;
                        a.comments = ce.comments;
                        a.category = ce.category;
                        a.title = ce.title;
                return a;
    3) is it possible for me to have a return statement in the catch block?? if not... may i know how can i catch errors as i do not want to use the if statement to check as i understand too many if statements is not a good idea...

    thanks for your time

    nerdy_gal ^^
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2006
  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Yes its possible in more than one way. Let me know how you are showing the second form.
    Because you are printing them.
    Why do you want the return in the ctch block. have them after the catch block and everything else in the try block.
  3. nerdy_gal

    nerdy_gal New Member

    hihi Shabbir... thxs for replying...
    1) the way i show my second form is as follow:

    CalendarMonth1 form = new CalendarMonth1();
    form.Form1 = this;

    where CalendarMonth1 is my second form which contains the CalendarMonth object.

    2) i don't really get what you mean by i am printing them.

    3) thxs for the idea. this just did not come acoss my mind at all.

    thank you.

    nerdy_gal ^__^
  4. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Have some custom property which has some get values which you can show in the other form.

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