Facebook inbox - keylogger?? Complete newbie question :)

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Hi people

I was just reading a thread in which someone asked how to get into somebodys inbox on facebook. Id like to do this as i think two people are discussing how to broadcast pics of me in places they shouldnt (they arent adult pics before i get asked..!)

One of the replies mentioned something about sending someone a keylogger to take down everything they write - can i ask how to do this? and is this a way to do it?

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Just to make everything obvious for you, (bcuz it is known for most of us),
The function of a keylogger is to record what your victim is typing on his keyboard.
Most keyloggers uses SMTP servers for sending logs by email or by FTP.
I don't think links for hacking stuff are allowed here, so try to google it
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I think you need a remote keylogger because i suppose you don't have physical access to the specific computer. I used All-Spy Keylogger which is perfectly invisible and works fine but cannot be installed remotely. You could search on Google for this and you must test it first to be sure that works. Many of these keyloggers says it records keystrokes and in fact are not working well.
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Okay, so, correct me if I'm incorrect, but it'd appear as though the rules clearly state that blackhat hacking is not allowed. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but would this not including keylogging a person to access his or her private inbox(es)?