Facebook hacking plz help me

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hi there.
i am here to hack my wife facebook
i have chanced her password few times she keeps changing it, now she is overseas, i cant use keylogger so i have to leave it to the expert .
i went to hirehack.net but damn they charge to much i ve did get the hash code but i need to decode it,
plz can someone help me plz plz plz
pm me and i ll give u the hash details and more if you need
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plz someone can help?
hash no:
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good to use md5 decryptor. There are lot of available out there or you can use MD5 brute forcer.
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This doesn't seem like ethical hacking.
Also I wrote a perl program to do something like that which I posted on another forum.

I'll post it here later.
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Hacking facebook password don't seems ethical hacking.
However search for "Free md5 decryptor" and you will get many tools for trying out youself.
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1: the i can guess that the ha$h you get is from a FAKE site which shows some magic for free and then says you need to pay todecode the hash

fb databases are REALLY secured that it is really a very low possibility that this kinda of bug exists
simply there are on any fb hacking tools/software/scripts or ANY automated processes

you just have to do it by yourself and i dont think that this forum is suitable to discuss those kindda things