Hi! Im trying to write a C program to extract variable definitions and variable use in each line from a input C program.
That is, a variable is said to be defined when its value changes(including declarations) and it is said to be used when it is referenced. I need to consider this for all the cases and functions(built-in as well as user defined)..
For example consider the following input program

int main()
int a,b,c;

In the line 3, a,b,c are defined and nothing is referenced, hence in line number 3 under the defined column a,b,c must be printed, and a mere should be printed under the used column.
Similarly in line 6, a is defined and both b and c are used, hence in defined column a should be printed and under used column b,c should be printed.
I really dont know how to start.. can anyone please give me an idea??
Thanks in advance..