Please explain the Web Hosting Process...

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I need some help.
I'm looking to make my own website, but I need to understand how the physics of it all works.

Can someone explain to me what buying a domain name, buying hosting space, server space, and all that means?

For example. If I were to buy (example), where do I edit the source? On which server does the website exist?
My question more specifically is if I had the domain name, but not space to make the site, where do I go to build a website to later redirect the name over to that site.

I hope you understand my question and can help. Thanks.
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The process is as follows.

You register your domain with the domain registrars like / ........
Now majority of the domain registrar also provide the hosting and so you have 2 options.
1. Buy hosting from them and they will automatically integrate your website and will give you FTP access where you can do all the hosting and managing related work.
2. You choose some one else for you hosting and then your hosting provider will give you name servers which you need to update with your domain registrar.

I hope that helps.
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That does, thanks. In my case I bought the name from a company that doesn't give me space without realizing I needed any...
So I'm looking for a good place to only buy space, I don't need the name+space package.

Thanks for your help
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I hope the thread does not become where everyone self promote about its web hosting services. If it becomes I have a tough time ahead deleting the posts.
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Haha, that's not what I intended to do.
I didn't know a lot of people had web hosting services. Don't you need a server for that?

There's so much I don't know...
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all the process is very easy
first register a domain name, you can register a domain with godday though the following, dont forget to use the coupon on this web page:
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then you should register a web host plan, again, you can register thought the following link: <<Self promotion link dropped.>>
the domain register process is very easy, as for the web host, you just click buy, then enter the domain name you register, then pick the plan, and then decide how long you want to host the you website with that company. then pay for it
that all its simple

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