can anybody explain this Forgot password code

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My company sites forgot password is not working.Below is the code I found in the view folder-ForgotPassword.spark file.
Can anybody pls explain what is this and why it is not working.Pls tell me what more do I need to post to elaborate on this.
Pls guys help me out..
<viewdata model="ForgotPasswordInput" />
<div id="forgot-password-form">
<h1>Forgotten Password</h1>
# Html.EnableClientValidation();
<p>Please enter your email address below and we'll reset your password and send you an email.</p>
<if condition="TempData['Confirmation'] != null">
# Html.BeginForm();
<div class="submit">
  <input type="image" src="~/content/image/button/submit2.gif" value="ResetPassword" />
# Html.EndForm();

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Did they get this working in php even though its for ASP.NET? Download the free visual web developer 2010, .net frame work 4.0(It should be included in the install but just in case) or install webmatrix either one should allow you to view this file in it. Make sure to view the spark site to and ask your company what CMS(content management system) they are using and if its free or open source grab a download of it and install it via IIS 7 if your on windows or try Mono(sorry no link for it).

VWD 2010


Or WebMatrix