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Can you explain this code¿?

Discussion in 'Web Design, HTML And CSS Forums' started by raulcorrales, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. raulcorrales

    raulcorrales New Member

    Hi to all the users.

    I have find this code in this forum:

    function MyFunction(a,b)
        return ((a[1] < b[1]) ? -1 : ((a[1] > b[1]) ? 1 : 0));

    I've used for my program and it works, does what I want, but do not understand their ways.

    Can you explain the function¿?

  2. Cristi1213

    Cristi1213 New Member

    The syntax is something like this: condition ? trueResult : falseResult;
    First the condition is verified. If it is true than trueResult is returned, else falseResult is returned. In your example, the second one is evaluated first. If a1 is bigger than b1 1 is returned, else 0, than the second one is evaluated, -1 if a1 is smaller than b1, the previous result otherwise. That is -1 in case if a1<b1, 1 if a1>b1, 0 of they are equal.
  3. pyasakumar

    pyasakumar New Member

    Hello dear
    I think also Its a condition. True and False Result

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