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exe not working in non admin privilege winxp user account

Discussion in 'MFC' started by satheeshs, May 26, 2011.

  1. satheeshs

    satheeshs New Member

    I am Satheesh, i have a doubt please clarify it possible.
    I have a mfc program writing data to a file also includes some threads for getting system date-time etc and placing it to a notepad.

    Release mode : Using winxp admin/user(admin privilege) account it is working properly, but it is not working in other user account(not admin privilege).i am using vc 6.0 only and winxp. how can i run my application in all accounts in xp(both admin and non-admin privilege account).

    may be set-up admin-privilege manifest (correct code and related code placed in resource) but also it is not working it is again as program crash before.
    what is the remedy? . is there remedy for all user's in xp and vista. (xp is important), reply appreciated.
    Programming : MFC,C++
    Operating system : winxp sp1/2
  2. rsquareshelke

    rsquareshelke New Member

    you can make Setting for your project as Run as a administrator in Manifest.

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