Please evaluate my personal most recent BMW internet site

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Hello.I would like a number of comments on the brand new web site My partner and i developed:
BMW Parts Wholesale
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Good ...

Suggestions :-

On the top nav use some "onhover" events..(Will make the feel and look of the site a lot better)
Your anchor tags are set to change to blue from black on hover , According to me..Change blue to somewhat duller color like "grey" because we are transiting from black...

These were my suggestions..

And yeah , Once more nice site....
And well designed...
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Hi there i have the following suggestions about your site;


Firstly i like the look of the site as i enter it the blue and white looks good, though having the title bar for shortcuts above the site name - its unconvential and as a result when i first looked at the site i didn't notice it was there. Just something to bear in mind.

The first title looks a bit cramped when on the first page - i feel that it would look better in a smaller font all the way across one line. I think this is mostly due to the fact i would with a widescreen laptop and as a result the left and right hand side of the screen looks very underused. I am i correct in thinking that this is a weebly template? (Nothing wrong with that just that you can extend these very easily.)

The recent posts is good though the heading gets confused with the actual list items to me Maybe a different colour to mix these things up?

The recent posts side bar also has a mixture of cases when addressing items, so in one instance you will have every word capitialised - Automotive Dash Kits where as others it will be all lower case - bmw part wholesale, and others that are all caps - HOW TO GET CAR DEALER LICENSE.

Also i found the top menu repeated on the bottom of the recent posts - due to it being in the same font and frame it looked like it was part of the recent posts bar.

The use of ads is good, it's clear what are ads and whats not, though this template need to run through all of the pages. some have half ads, like the front page which looks like there should be text running down the right hand side and the rest of the pages you have to scroll past ads to get any real information. If you extend the width of the site you can avoid some of these issues.


The content seems interesting though the mix of video and text makes it seem more like an interactive blg than a product website. When i look at the site i dont see something that i would want to by a product from.
I guess though this largely relates on how you want your revenue generated, is it from the ads that you have on your site or from the ebay products that are on sale there?
Personally i would go one way or the other, using it as an information site with links to other products or a product site that is selling items. I don't know how many sales you will get with that many adverts. Though i could be wrong, you may be making money from this model.


The site looks good and has some interesting content, some minor presentation issue that can easily be sorted out, though a confusing idea about which source of revenue leads me not to want to buy the items listed.

If you would like further feedback i am more than willing to do an information swap, (That goes for anyone reading this post as well!)
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Hallo I have reviewed your website and there some things to change or improve to my opinion!
1) There are too much google ads, I would leave only one and I would try to find an appropriate place for it.
2) It looks not so well if I change my screen resolution! I think the page is too wide. Work with tables and its width
3) The content goes from the right side of the page which not so convenient to read it.
4) So the website is about BMW ... I think you need to add the BMW sign to your logo!
5) You need to change the overview of the Buttons from the left side of the page! It looks not so well, so most of the users don't have a desire to click them! Try to make them attractive to click!
So this is it. Keep it and good luck with your website,
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The site does not work ?? is the server down or is the thrid time today i tried to check your site
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wow, the site is unavailable now?
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yep the site is down
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your site is not opening