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Ok - I may be an IT teacher but Programming really isn't my area, I'm afraid. This project is something I've been trying to do myself for many years now but just don't have the know-how and keep hitting technical hurdles.

I'm looking for a mentor who knows the After Effects SDK and is willing to mentor me through creating a plugin for After Effects CS2.

Assume NO prior knowledge - this is all new to me.

I've downloaded the SDK which contains examples and also have a copy of Visual Studio 2005, but can't even build the examples properly let alone start on creating my own plugin.

Btw: The project is to create a colourisation plugin similar to Walker Effects colorize, but which also has a planar tracker built in as well (like Imagineer Systems Mocha).

Any takers? Pls email me or post on here.

Many thanks,

Matthew Bennett
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Matt, I would not want to have you as a teacher, because you don't seem all that bright.

Let me explain that. This posting is essentially a job offer (even if you'd like to pay zero). It is not something that can be handled in a few posts. You know that, or you wouldn't have bypassed the normal procedure and asked for responses by PM or email.

Now, let's suppose that you had a reasonably typical technical question (which you don't). If you post that question on different forums in the same timespan (say a few days), you are ******* the people that your are asking to help you (at no charge). You are saying, in essence, "I don't trust you mothers, so watch out, I'm checking you against other forums."

I wish to hell you had included the organization for which you are an "IT expert." I would zap off an email so fast that you wouldn't have time to train your hands to handle a janitorial mop, which is obviously where they belong.
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