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Effective ways of link building

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by jesicawillss, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. jesicawillss

    jesicawillss Banned

    I want to know the effective ways of link building. If you know about this, share your knowledge with me.
  2. Click SSL

    Click SSL New Member

    If you wants back links from high PR site than you should have to go for effective SEO work. You can create backlinks to your site through Directory submission, bookmarking, forum discussion, blog commenting and posting, classified ads, RSS feed submission, Social networking sites etc. You should be careful about relevancy. Because Google and other search engines considers only relevant content.
  3. lindamartin88

    lindamartin88 New Member

    For link building, you have to chose effective key words and use them in original articles on major article submission sites. Also you can use Social Bookmarking sites with relevant tags and key words to assist link building.
  4. SSL Matrix

    SSL Matrix New Member

    There are many ways to get quality backlinks:

    Article submission
    Forum posting
    Blog commending
    Press release
    Social bookmarking
    Directory submission

    these are the best and effective ways to get quality backlinks...
  5. seo_corporation

    seo_corporation New Member

    It is one of the most common question repeated hundreds of times across forums. Now a day, the most common link building techniques are:
    1) Profile Linking ( newest)
    2) Link bait
    3) Link Wheel
    4) Press Release submission
    5) article submission
    6) Blog submission
    But no link building technique can be effective without original and useful content.
  6. linkbuilding5

    linkbuilding5 Banned

    Social bookmarking is the most effective way to get traffic to your website. These are the best for social bookmarking are squidoo, digg, faves, clipmark.
  7. shalunagpal

    shalunagpal New Member

    Article submission and blog posting and blog commenting is the most effective way to get traffic your webste.
  8. jack jastin

    jack jastin New Member

    All of site techniques are the very effective ways of building links for your site. Do more and more Article Submission , Directory Submission, Book Marking, And like wise. Keep this in mind, Always submit quality and relevant links for the benefits of Getting back links for your site.
  9. steveschmidt85

    steveschmidt85 New Member

    Directory submission, social bookmarking, article submission (unique articles), Forum commenting, blog posting commenting, rss submission all are good ways for link building but be very much careful while submitting as wrong site submission can reversely affect your site.
  10. enni

    enni New Member

    All the techniques are effective for getting the backlinks but the need is to do it in right manner and with providing the unique and useful information. As just by seeing the information we have provided, person attract to link to us. But yet now a days videos , blogs , articles , forum and social bookmarking can provide the nice result. And one should try to build the quality links all time then it will be more helpful for our site.
  11. dinahcarry

    dinahcarry New Member

    Effective ways of link buildings are Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Article Submission, Forum Posting, Blog Commenting, Social Media, Press Release. For the best of all link building is Directory Submission, Bookmarking, Forum posting and Blog Commenting. :)
  12. semwinner

    semwinner New Member

    article and press release submission,social bookmaking and blog.
  13. hani07

    hani07 New Member

    A few effective ways are through Article Submissions, Forum Posting and Blog Comments. Submit unique good content to authority article directories. For Blog Comments focus on related blogs with high a PR value, it can help boost your rankings. While for Forum Postings go for the authority forum sites, make sure your comment is related to the thread your posting on. Bookmarking also helps in boosting traffic too.
  14. dinahcarry

    dinahcarry New Member

    I have post on this topic. I have a few idea to share with you. Link build with the best keywords and high PR submission sites are the most effective ways. And don't rush the link building. Thanks. :)
  15. semwinner

    semwinner New Member

    Article marketing ,social networking and social bookmaking are most popular ans useful ones,.
  16. jhon786

    jhon786 New Member

    well link building does everyone but try to get the quality links which helps you this you can do by putting quality articles contents, make your blogs, social bookmarking as they publish soon and remember when you commenting somewhere do this in a genuine manner.
  17. jhonden

    jhonden New Member

    Bookmarking, article submission, link baiting, blog posting, directory and forums are few points which will enable your site to get good back links.
  18. jenceyhill

    jenceyhill New Member

    Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Article Submission, Forum posting, Blog Commenting, Social Networking. All of these are effective ways of link building. But be sure that your PR of your submission are good.

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