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Do you earn money online?

Discussion in 'Website Monetization' started by aspguy, May 10, 2009.

  1. aspguy

    aspguy New Member

    I setup a cute little eCommerce site for quite sometime now but never looked at promoting it but would like to know if anyone makes money online with some e-store like of thing.
  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Making Sale from site needs lot of Brand building as well
  3. Ken01

    Ken01 New Member

    There are some great ways to earn money online
    without officially starting a business. Affiliate
    marketing is one of the best ways to earn money
    online. You can make money with affiliate
    marketing without spending any money at all.

    This is the best ways to earn money is to have your
    own product and set up your own affiliate program
    so that others can market your product for you.
  4. David06

    David06 New Member

    With the growing popularity of internet nowadays, every company wants to be on internet so that people in all over the world can know about their products and benefits that they are offering. So, they need people, who can write articles, blogs to be posted on their web sites. Money can be earned through filling of registration forms online, which requires simple data entry. We can make money by promoting certain products of companies, which is known as affiliate marketing.
  5. naimish

    naimish New Member

    I am earning money thorugh advertise ;) The same thing which ken01 told, Affiliate
  6. Astle

    Astle New Member

    Many companies who are willing to pay people just to complete surveys. Just do a search on the internet and many such companies will spring up. While many people have the delusion that such companies are scams, the truth is doing online survey is indeed one of the ways to earn money online. One have to be careful though in selecting which company to join. Though you can’t expect to make a lot of money online just by doing online surveys, it is still an extra source of income online.
  7. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    You need to be very lucky to earn from a survey.
  8. indiansword

    indiansword Security Expert

    Look, u will find 1000s of methods and their tricks to earn online... but theres only 1 bottom line:

    Need to have a good website with all orginal and unique content

    and every method will work.
  9. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Thats not true. You can do some freelancing work as well
  10. nimesh

    nimesh New Member

    Tried affiliate marketing but not much luck :(

    haha. that's true but not completely.

    earned coupons for 400 after doing some 15-20 surveys in the last year :lol:

    also got cheque for 500 long ago from hungama.com for online quizzes

    yes, as you do. but here also you have to be lucky
    trying from around last 4-5 months but nothing :(

    few more tips and links as well. nice site for newbies

    and not to forget the $1 daily competition from G4EF :rofl:
  11. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Nimesh, I am not impress with the link and I would suggest you far far better blogs like www.problogger.net
  12. nimesh

    nimesh New Member

    as I said, it would be helpful for newbies :)
    short and simple blog

    thanks for the link
  13. lovinggirl

    lovinggirl Banned


    My Friends say we can earn money via Google Ads.

    But some told me that Google Adsense is paying very less.

    Can anyone tell how much we can earn via google Adsense ??

    Please Advise.
  14. naimish

    naimish New Member

    Tried affiliate marketing but not much luck :( agreed
  15. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Affiliate marketing is not easy and it takes time.
  16. naimish

    naimish New Member

    Yup, and lots of lots of traffic too ;)
  17. Ariana1

    Ariana1 New Member

    Yes,the Internet lends you the path. Money pours into your savings at an incredible pace when you make use of the Internet to make money online.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 28, 2009
  18. DaleSteyn

    DaleSteyn New Member


    There are many ways to make money online. It all depends on you to make money online. Give people what they want and you can make money online. In online marketing world, time and money go in reciprocal paths in general. The most important aspect that you must consider when choosing what avenue you will use to make money online at home is how you will build relationships with your prospects.
  19. Astle

    Astle New Member


    There are number of paid and free business plan products that you can use to develop your own home business plan. Unless you are seeking investors in your small business, you can learn how to write a business plan that keeps your business working toward your goals. To have a well written small business plan, you will find your goals easier to reach and keep track of your progress both with building your customer base and sales.
  20. naimoo

    naimoo New Member

    I have make some advice hier
    To get a nice start for making money and busniss without any investement Work from Home is only through Internet No Investment required.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 28, 2009

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