Dynamic scoping and static and late binding.

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i want to know the proper meanings and usage of the following .
a>. dynamic scoping (an online link will be extremely helpful . and what
is lexical scoping or static scoping ??

b>. binding in general and then , dynamic binding and static binding.

Thanking all those who might answer this.....Thanks once more.
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Dynamic Scoping

Dynamic variable scoping is when you scope a variable in a programming language by replacing the existing variable of that name with a new variable temporarily, for instance for the duration of a function call.

Lexical Scoping or Static scoping

Its a way that the scope (programming) of free variables is determined according to its position in program code. It is also called lexical scoping.


You can define the variables and they point to some memory location and then instead of calling that memeory location you can use the name of the variable this is called the binding of name to the memory location.

dynamic binding

A binding which is determined during execution. That is at compile time you dont know the location it points to. Implemented via pointers

static binding

A binding which is determined during compilation. Mainly done by variables but even pointers can be statically binded.

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Thats what I was looking for.