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Dual OS installation

Discussion in 'Linux' started by Kalpana, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. Kalpana

    Kalpana New Member

    Is it true that installing Linux OS & Windows OS will someway or somehow corrupt t PC..

    Is ther any possible way of installing dual OS without any problem ?

    If so, wat shud b t configuration of the PC...?
  2. munkyeetr

    munkyeetr New Member

    That's a double-edged sword. To answer your question truthfully:

    Yes, Dual booting can be done without any problems
    ..and at the same, you may have problems.

    This can depend on many factors (what OS's you are trying to dual boot, the order which you install the OS's, what hardware configuration you are using, and if Mr. Murphy is waiting around the corner to screw you over; LOL)

    In my personal experience, the easiest dual-boot was with Windows XP and Linux (pretty much any distro). The rule of thumb is to install Windows first, then Linux. The reason is because Windows likes to pretend it's the only kid on the block and does not like to recognize other Operating Systems, whereas Linux will say, "Okay, Windows, you are sitting over there and that's fine, here let me give them an option to boot to you."

    If you install Linux first, then Windows, it can be fixed but it is more of a hassle.

    Also, I have seen some issues around dual-booting Vista and Linux, where Vista has become unbootable. Once again it can be done, and many have done it successfully, but there have also been problems.

    Ideally, in my opinion, you want to have 2 HD's (one for each OS). Basically, you unplug 1, and install Windows on the other. Then you unplug the Windows drive, and plug in the other and install Linux. Then you plug them both in and during boot up you press whatever key accesses your boot menu and choose which drive (and thus, which OS) you want to boot. This installs the OS's in separate environments, less chance of things getting crossed.

    When you have decided which OS's you want to attempt dual-booting with, hit the forums for those OS's and start searching for anecdotal evidence, tips, tricks, and mistakes.

    I have had very successful dual-booting systems that in no way corrupted my PC, and I am currently dual-booting 2 Linux Distros (Fedora Core 7 and Ubuntu 7.04) with no problem at all.

    The short if it is, if you want to try dual-booting, give it a shot. You won't know what it will be like until you do it. And if it doesn't work, do some more reading up and try again. Make sure you have all your data backed up! Then all that's at risk is the time it takes to format and reinstall.

    Good luck.
  3. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Nope Dual OS will not corrupt the PC if done correctly. The order of installation is important and Install Windows first and then Install Linux
  4. Kalpana

    Kalpana New Member

    hmm.. ok thanks.. I ll let you know t progress after experimenting the solution... :)
  5. larrenV2.003

    larrenV2.003 New Member

    i think you can use the VMware software for linux and u can run it while u are running on windows :confused:
  6. hitesh_mathpal

    hitesh_mathpal New Member

    Hi Kalpana,

    this is my experience and I can ensure you that Linux and windows can work together in a same PC, without harming each other.
    For the better way do following->

    1- Install Windows( say XP) first on your PC.

    2-Make the partitions of your HDD with the file system FAT or NTFS( whatever u like) and leave some space free on your hard disk without any file system( this partition will not be logical and hence not the part of your XP).
    you can do it by
    control panel--> administrators tool->computer management->storage->disk management

    in your windows. (select any partition in which you want to install linux and make it free space).

    3-then dear, smoothly insert the CD of linux into yours CD ROM and linux will automatically detect the free space( In case it doesn't do this, it will ask for the free space so you should select the option free space.....).

    within half an hour u will enjoy both the os.

    But your boot menu will be in linux environment now. if you want to delete the linux from your pc go in the drive( which is free space in windows, by above described path) and format the drive.

    I have done this with
    Red Hat Linux, Fedora Linux. and Mendrake too.

    mendrake can be easily mounted with the windows( u can listen the songs of SHAKIRA stord in windows drive in mendrake without switching the os)
  7. hitesh_mathpal

    hitesh_mathpal New Member

    one more thing
    40 gb hdd and 128 mb ram can work for boh the os( processor can be around 2.4 GHZ pIV)
  8. Kalpana

    Kalpana New Member

    thanks hitesh !
    Now that i have got one DVD which tells "Madriva Full Edition Pack" as free from PC world magazine.. how far can i believe it n install it in my BOx....
  9. bizstreet_net

    bizstreet_net New Member

    Did you try out Xen? That allows you to create Virtual Servers and with Windows and Linux in each.
  10. Kalpana

    Kalpana New Member

    Xen ??? I suppose i will not need it since my requirement is just to install linux in t box in which i have installed windows already...

    y do i need a xen which allows in creating virtual servers?

    Anyways, thanks for the help..
  11. Kalpana

    Kalpana New Member

    I have installed VMware.. Its working fine...
    Thanks to all those who responded....
  12. karnashp

    karnashp New Member

    ihave a probs.
    i have dell ns 4110 series.it was with windows 7 home basics. then i install ubutu 11.4. Next i dormatted the drive.so my mbr got failed..i fixed it by my windows installation disk.

    i have given the following code
    bootrec /fixtrace
    bootrec /fixboot

    now i wants to dual os again
    how to doit???????????
    please help me!!!!!!!!!!!:embarasse:embarasse:embarasse
  13. dibinwebtech3

    dibinwebtech3 Banned

    First one installation windows os and next install linux installation this type dual os install it ok

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