Driver required for Dell Optiplex GX620 for Windows Server 2003

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I have new Dell Optiplex GX620 desktop computer and i need it to be used as SERVER for my network. I have tried a lot to find the driver for Windows Server 2003 operating system. But I can't

please help me and tell how can install Windows 2003 Server with all of its Drivers like. Sound, VG, Network Card etc. because GX620 is fast PC and can be used as SERVER. please help me to find the right drivers.
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I have the exact same problem.
I need to use a Dell Optiplex GX620 as a test server for some websites developed in my company, I was able to install WinServer 2003 on it and set it up as an Application Server, but I cannot find a suitable Network driver.

I tried installing the network driver for WinXP but the system does not recognize it.

Please help, thanks.
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I don't know is a very good advice, or maybe you have try it already. I've looked on dell website and there is no driver for 2003. Maybe if you try NT driver version. Or, on product page: there are some technical infos like video, sound etc. Maybe you can find the drivers one by on manufact. page.
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Thanks for the answer, I had solved the problem in the mean time, using the Windows XP SP2 Ethernet Controller driver from Dell Products and Downloads for GX620 Optiplex.