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double based number code help..

Discussion in 'C' started by ikj, May 18, 2009.

  1. ikj

    ikj New Member

    hi ppl!

    i would like to know how to use a binary search tree to find the optimal double base representation of a decimal number
    for eg with bases 2 n 3

    my algorithm to find the optimal double base representation of a number N using recursion is:
    step 1 : find the highest power combination, C, of 2 & 3 which is closest to N
    step 2 : subtract C from N to get a difference D
    step 3 : repeat step 1 with D inplace of N

    my question is how can i use a binary tree/binary search with this algoritm..
    i just need the theory(ie "funda") behind it...the code ill write myself..

    thanks for readin!

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