Dont output directory's hidden files of my PC

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Hello ...I just was trying to output the file names of different folders in my PC using PHP code...But I found that it outputs actually more than visible files in that particular folder..So what did I mean by visible that when I count the number of files in my folder it appears 18 but when i output it appears that the numer is 20. That two files are not visible. One if the is "Folder.jpg" and the second of them is a ".doc" file i opened and think it is inserted by "Administrator".....This is the code

 function getDirectoryList ($directory)  

	// create an array to hold directory list 
	$results = array(); 

	// create a handler for the directory 
	$handler = opendir($directory); 

	// open directory and walk through the filenames 
	while ($file = readdir($handler)) { 

	  // if file isn't this directory or its parent, add it to the results 
	  if ($file != "." && $file != "..") { 
		$results[] = $file; 


	// tidy up: close the handler 

	// done! 
  return $results; 

  $array_1=getDirectoryList("C:\Documents and Settings\Администратор\Мои документы\Downloads"); 

 foreach($array_1 as $value) 
 echo "<br/>".$value; 
So here is my question can I output only that 18 files and not that invisible files ? Since I want to work only with files that I see.

Please be gentle and help me.
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i guess you can scan for something like the file attributes but it will slow down the process
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I don't think those resrictions are for php or the C file system functions. Those are just for the user.I personally don't know what can be done to stop this problem a side from reading some meta data from the file and seeing if that returns any data on its status. I think that stuff is stored in the registry and only certain files are hidden so you can't just declare a type. If you use this for a website though you could write a log file and then set certain files as hidden based on name or extension. If you do write a log make sure its in a json style so it can simply be included into the file.