Why doesn't this work?

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Why doesn't this work?
    if ($_POST['textbox1'] != "")
		$_ENV['mytestzeststring'] = $_POST['textbox1'];
	print $_ENV['mytestzeststring'];

<form name="registerform" id="registerform" action="<?php echo site_url('wp-login.php?action=register', 'login_post') ?>" method="post">
	  <input type="text" name="testbox1"/>
	  <input type="submit" value="Click me!"/>

Wouldn't this present on the page before the form declaration whatever the user types in the test box?
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What does action=has in the final html
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Most servers don't have the super global $_ENV set which may be why. I don't know why your using it to begin with since it has default array keys. $_ENV gets environment data and is not a general all you can store global try using $_GLOBAL instead or your own array or variable.