problem displaying the options in selectbox while creating it dynamically in opera9.2

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i have two select boxes based on the selected value in one select box it should display the maximum options in the other select box.
i used javascript onClick for the first time it displays correct values again when i go back and change the value in the 1st selectbox the 2nd select box display previous values works in all the browsers except opera.
my code is
function CalBasedMaxVal(selVal,changedVal,maxiVal,DefVal)
var CalBasedSelValue=selVal.selectedIndex+1;
var defaultText = '-['+lang_text_ary['default']+']';
var optionName;
while (changedVal.options.length)
changedVal.options[0] = null;
for (var i=1; i<=maxiVal; i++)
optionName = new Option(i+defaultText, i, false, true);
optionName = new Option(i, i, false, false);
changedVal.options[changedVal.length] = optionName;

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I honestly can't help you witth this one as I don't see a problem in the coding. Maybe if you update to the latest Opera it should work because different browsers show things differently.

Just try to update Opera.