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Directory Submission

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by vimlesh, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. vimlesh

    vimlesh Banned

    What is Directory Submission ?
  2. Click SSL

    Click SSL New Member

    A directory submission is a web site that specializes in linking to other websites. Directory categorization is usually based on the web site overall rather than one page or a set of keywords. Sites are often limited to inclusion in only a few categories. Directory submission is fine and an easy way to build backlinks, however a large number of general and low quality directories have been hit by Google recently and provide little benefit.
  3. Mike22

    Mike22 New Member

    Directory submission is primary technique of off-page and it gives you quality backlink for your site.
  4. tulsi.p17@gmail.com

    tulsi.p17@gmail.com New Member

    The basic aim of directory submission is to create one way links to a website. This in turn generates more traffic flow towards your website and improves the search engine rankings.
  5. Darrelljones

    Darrelljones New Member

    Directory submission is one of the most affordable, often free, link building methods existing out there today.
    Some directory submission benefits :-
    1)Directory submissions provide increased link popularity.
    2)Getting listed in major search engines.
    3)Increased visits from search engine robots
    4)Increased visibility to search engines
    5)Keyword targeting.
    6) Brand building.
    7) Relevant link building.
  6. stacey

    stacey New Member

    Its one of the way to get one-way links for the website. Google likes Quality one-way links for the website.

    1) Submit in the Free Quality Directory alone,
    2) Submit per day 20 websites.
    3) Build Backlinks from different IP.
  7. stacey

    stacey New Member

    [FONT=&quot]Go for country target free directory will help to rank better in the SERP.[/FONT]
  8. rohitsharma

    rohitsharma New Member

    in my opinion directory submission is not help full like other link building techniques like article submission and social bookmarking as it take long time in getting approved and in most of the directories link didnt get approved. It is just waste of time.
  9. fattaah

    fattaah New Member

    do not submit your website in thousand of directory they are useless search only pr directory and submit your website there.
  10. reinblend

    reinblend New Member

    I think most of people think that Directory Submission is not so worth than article submission and social bookmarking and not so important than those. But I think slight differently. Directory submission is still very good SOE trick if doing it with right method.
  11. satin11

    satin11 New Member

    Directory submission is a technique in which one can submit the link of its website to a directory website.
    Directory website is a collection of links managed category wise.
    Directory submission is done to improve the page rank of any web page and to increase the traffic. Some of the directory websites are visited by too many peoples to find a perfect link for their desired category and to create a link on these directory websites improves the page rank very rapidly.
  12. Grade1

    Grade1 New Member

    its useless to submit your website in thousand of dir. submit it only pr directories.
  13. shalunagpal

    shalunagpal New Member

    Directory submission is use to make bake link of web site.by which you can increase page rank of your web siate.
  14. carlitosxp

    carlitosxp New Member

    Yeah, I think directory submissions is one of those techniques that has to be done continuously but with minimal effect though.
  15. eculligan

    eculligan New Member

    Directory submission is the first priority in SEO. I try to submit at least 10 submissions to directories for my website Debt-National ww.debt-national.com[/url]
  16. denishverma

    denishverma Denish Verma- SEO Expert

    Directory Submission is a task in seo to build links.
    Directories have many types : local directories, Niche directories, International Directories etc.
    best directories
    Yahoo Directory

    - Must be high PR
    - Must be relevant categorized.

    Then you can make good links for your website.
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  17. enni

    enni New Member

    Directory submission is very important off page technique of seo because with that you can get the quality back links and visits for your site. You can promote your site very well with the directory submission.
  18. colinwood07

    colinwood07 New Member


    Directory Submission is the First Step of he SEO. By Directory submission we make backlink for our website. Directory submission is necessary it is a building block of SEO.
  19. jhon786

    jhon786 New Member

    Directory submission refers to the process of adding your website to a web directory. The directory submission process involves submitting your website URL along with other details of your website to the most appropriate category.

    In the SEO world, directory submission is the basic step taken by marketers to improve link popularity of a website. This can be done by the webmaster himself or he can outsource it to somebody who is good at this.
  20. jhon786

    jhon786 New Member

    Directory submission is one of the process which is used to introduce yourself by putting your link or a brief summery which describes you into relevant category on different directory submission sites.

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