How do you differentiate between truncate and delete?

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How do you differentiate between truncate and delete?
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DELETE is an operation on a per row basis.

TRUNCATE deallocates data pages which makes TRUNCATE a faster operation to perform over DELETE.

You cannot TRUNCATE a table that has any foreign key constraints. You will have to remove the contraints, TRUNCATE the table, and reapply the contraints.

Also truncate is a DDL command operation.
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I even don't get the choice to use the truncate. So when do you use this operation?
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The Main Difference Between DELETE & TRUNCATE Are :-
[1] DELETE - is a DML Command & TRUNCATE - is a DDL Command
[2] After DELETE - can rollback the Records & After TRUNATE - cannot rollback the records
[3] In DELETE Command you can give the conditions in WHERE Clause & In TRUNCATE you cannot give conditions
[4] After using DELETE Command The memory will be occupied till the user does not give ROLLBACK or COMMIT & After using TRUNCATE Command The memory realeased immediately