what is difference between visit and visitor.

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Difference between visit and visitor.
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Visit is by a visitor.
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A visitor is visit your website.
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visitors and visit is nearly same thing

visitors can be unique visitors or new visitors
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to watch the site is visit and the person who is watching is visitor.
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Visits- how many times people access your website's webpage
Visitors- It may unique or same : Unique visitors mean different visitors to your website and same visitors mean he may regular visitor for your website.
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Visits represent the number of individual sessions initiated by all the visitors to your site.
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i general, i think unique visitors are the most important. you will not increase to much in Google's eye if the same person comes over and over again to your page!
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visit must be unique other wise not count by search engine.
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A visit is the count for every click to the website accidentally and intentionally.
A visitor is one who stay on your site for sometime.