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Difference between Standard Windows Hosting and Windows Reseller Hosting

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by kgjaiwal4u, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. kgjaiwal4u

    kgjaiwal4u New Member

    What is the difference between Standard Windows Hosting and Windows Reseller Hosting.
    Thanks in advanced
  2. jeremyc

    jeremyc New Member

    Each web hosting type has its own advantages, but choosing the right type of hosting package depends on several factors. The factors that contribute to hand your decision are budget, your knowledge of the technology in hosting and maintenance and the type of website or business you want.

    With standard windows hosting you can host your websites, but you can not resell allocated resources of your account. Reseller hosting will gives you more room and in case you are in web development business then it would be idealistic for you to increase overall revenue.
  3. rogerrobins

    rogerrobins Banned

    Re: Difference between Standard Windows Hosting and Windows Reseller Hosti ng

    Cool, there is such a thing as a standard windows hosting and windows reseller hosting? I thought that as windows is only an OS and anything on the internet has nothing to do with it. Awesome i get to learn more and more as i look into different forums.

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