Difference between sha and md5, programmer only!

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Hi Guys I know you're good when it comes to php/js I just like to ask the difference between sha and md5,
I know SHA is more secured than MD5 and I know they produced the same result as of implementation with different procedures.. would you mind to state your own analysis and give me some basic overview about its algorithm?

and to further my discussion w/ regards to the knowledge for me and to SW members further it up to rainbow table ^_^ I mean the key behind the fast cracking methods they use (code*) thx

for eg. we want to know the hash of this 8digit hash multicode.

We then get the corresponding starting hash and following its chain until ****askjdajk(9as98d89a198 iis reached:

or any1 knowledgable w/th this technique?
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SHA stans for Secure Hash Algorithm.SHA is a 160-bit (20 byte) message digest.
It's slower than MD5,this larger digest size makes it stronger against many problem like brute force attacks.

MD5is a 128 bit (16 byte) message digest.MD5 is a faster implementation than SHA-1.
In both cases, the fingerprint (message digest) is always apply and also non-reversable.
your data cannot be retrieved from the message digest,yet the digest uniquely identifies the data record.
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and how about the algorithm/s?