Difference between a Content Managenent System and a web application framework

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Hi all I have been googgling endlessly around and could not find the definitive answer to this question:
What is the difference between a Content Managenent System and a web application framework (in purpose, functionality and role).
I would like to know if it is indispensable to use the two when setting up a dynamic website and if that's the case, how do the two relate to each other in the system. Otherwise is it SUFFICIENT to use just one to set up a dynamic application?

I would like to build a dynamic website and I would like to know if the following logical steps are correct to achieve that:

1) Decide which framework to use (this was before I read about the CMS thing) along with the coding language.

2) Design the sit e (UML)

3) Write down the code according to the framework decided in 1)

4) If local tests are conclusive (including a local server for testing purposes on the same machine), look out for a web host and ship the site online.

Thanks to correct me if I am wrong.
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I would also be interested to know.
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An application frmework is something which we use to build our web application on, I mean we use the framework provided classes, events, methods and create an application.

A CMS is already a developed application with a set of features, however most of them are coded in such a way that users can tweak them aroound and modify the code to fit their own needs.

So a framework does not come with a working application, but a CMS comes with one.

Guys do you agree?