Design buttons in a frame using jsp

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Good Evening,sir.
My project contains three frames. First frame represents the title of the project<.
Second frame is the <b>body frame</b> (i.e) dynamic pages.
Third frame contains the <b>buttons such as save,view,delete etc.,(i.e)static buttons</p>.
My query is how to design this buttons(i.e) frame 3 and also how to identify each dynamic pages bcoz each page of the body(frame 2) support this save,view,delete etc.,
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How to create menu bar and memu items in jsp?
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its easzz
just use the html in together with js
(ithnk this is what you hoped )
<script type"text/javascript">

dpcument.write('<input type="button" onClick="function()"');

you can put any code like that
ONLY THING IS: use the single quote ' inside the wriet() method