deploying pages to other webserver..

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hi... i dnt knw i m posting a query or thread at correct place or not..
i really want to knw that how to deploy pages to other webserver.. i have got new domain name and i want to deploy aspx 3.5 pages there but it gives some web.config errors like :custom errors =off" and one more , i want to get rid of this and want to know to run my pages correcty please if anybody had done this before then please tell me ... Thanx in advance... buddy
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First make sure that your hosting supports .net 3.5 as not all hosts support 3.5.

If the host supports 3.5 then you will have to make change in your web.config and turn off the custom errors tag so that you get a detailed description of the error. Once you know what the error is, it will be a easy thing to fix.
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